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ACFI Complex Health Care


Do you or your staff suffer from any of the following issues:

  • Complex health care interventions (e.g., heat packs or massage) being completed – but not claimed for
  • Treatment records are not completed correctly or at all
  • Pain assessments coming back not filled out, even though we know the resident has pain
  • You’re not sure exactly how the July 1st changes to the ACFI will affect your specific residents?

We see this in many aged care facilities across Australia. It’s usually a case of nursing and care staff not having necessarily been taught how the ACFI works, and that it’s about providing facilities with the funding they’re entitled to for the hard work being undertaken.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Correct pain chart documentation
  • assist staff in identifying what the different types of complex health care interventions are, the documentation requirements, how they should be recorded, and why they should be recorded.

This session is part of a progressive series, as it’s important for all levels of staff to have an understanding of the fundamentals.

Course Code: ACFCH