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ACFI bundle (all 12 courses)


Receive all 12 ACFI courses and save over $100

What's included?

The ACFI training bundle includes ALL ACFI training courses:

    1. ACFI Basics
    2. ACFI Activities of Daily Living
    3. ACFI Cognition and Behaviors
    4. How to Accurately Complete the PAS (Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales)
    5. How to complete the ACFI Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia (CSDD)
    6. ACFI Complex Health Care
    7. ACFI Recording and Documentation for Carers' and Enrolled Nurses
    8. ACFI Business Rules and Planning
    9. How to Complete an ACFI Appraisal Pack
    10. ACFI Validation Trends and Changes
    11. Test your ACFI Knowledge Part 1 – Experienced Clinician 
    12. Test your ACFI Knowledge Part 2 – Experienced Coordinator

      If you require flexible training for bigger groups, then course bundles can be tailored to the meet needs of your businesses.

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