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How to Accurately Complete the PAS (Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales)


Not all staff have been provided training on use of the PAS tool and as a result, residents’ screening for cognitive impairment may not be accurate.

These are some of the questions that you can ask to find out if your facility might be facing confusion about PAS:

  • Is the resident being screened for use of the PAS instead of being done routinely for everyone?
  • Is the type of dementia a resident may have being taken into consideration?
  • Has specific training been provided on the descriptors of cognitive impairment?
  • Has specific training been provided on using the correct ‘script’ for the PAS?
  • Are the results from specific questions in the PAS being used to reinforce assessed needs in other areas of care?

If you use PAS at your facility, you should undertake this training.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Establish how PAS rating is ascertained
  • Learn how to complete the PAS Assessment
  • Provision of qualitative information
  • Indications of documentation non-completion
  • Understand descriptors of levels of cognitive impairment

Course Code: ACFPA