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Emergency Preparedness for Wardens in Aged Care Respond RED and ORANGE

Are you prepared for a fire emergency? This course offers instructional guidance in fulfilling the required roles to plan for, prevent and respond to potential fire emergencies, and provides competency assessment for Senior Nursing staff acting as Chief Warden, Area Warden or equivalent. 

It is also expected that the ECT (Emergency Control Team) will complete competency-based training in the use of their site specific emergency management plan and the expected roles. As a mandatory course element, an annual competency rate of 100% is expected.

This competency assessment will be undertaken by yourself without the aid of others or cheat sheets in accordance with APRHA Professional Code of Conduct for Nurses.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand what constitutes an Emergency Management Plan and who should be on the Emergency Management Team
  • Gain a greater knowledge on the elements of fire, heat and smoke
  • Recognise the fire prevention strategies in your building(s)
  • Know your role as a Chief Warden / Area Warden / Fire Warden and how this relates to the Emergency Management Plan within your organisation, including evacuation
  • Respond correctly to fire alarm or discovery of fire / smoke
  • Have a greater understanding of how to use fire and emergency equipment
  • Identify the type of evacuation system within your organisation
  • Understand the importance of debriefing post event

Course Code: MANWD

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 4, 5, 7 &8