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ACFI Consultancy

Assisting aged care facilities to receive all of the funding they’re eligible for in a way that's both risk free and sustainable.

Services include:

  • ACFI Funding Gap Analysis
  • ACFI Submission Services
  • ACFI Appraisal Pack Risk Audits
  • ACFI Complex Health Care Audits
  • ACFI Training & Education

W&L are Aged & Community Service Australia’s (ACSA) national partner for allied health and ACFI related services.


Funding your eligible for

Our goal is to ensure that the facilities providing care to our elderly receive all of the funding they’re eligible for – not a dollar more, not a dollar less. We don’t believe in pushing boundaries. By strictly working within funding guidelines, every organisation we work with has an opportunity to increase their revenue based on the care they’re already providing.


Risk free

We are meticulous in our work; we’re so confident in our team that our results are guaranteed against downgrade at validation. To ensure a win-win for everyone, we’ve structured our consultancy services so that our invoicing is based purely on the results we generate – if we don’t find an increase in funding, there is no charge. We only ever want to see our clients being financially better off by partnering with healthcare Australia, and our service to be mutually beneficial.



Our results are based on our clients’ results; this can only be achieved through collaboration. Assisting an organisation to increase their funding to the level it should be is only one part of the puzzle. If we don’t take time to pass on the knowledge we’ve learned, educate our clients, and assist with process improvement then we haven’t done our job. Developing long-term relationships through helping clients increase their funding, keep it at validation, and then maintain their funding levels without our direct input is our ideal outcome.