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ACFI Funding GAP analysis

Receive all of the ACFI funding you’re eligible for based on your residents’ current care needs:

  • Funding for care you’re already providing
  • Validation assured – we guarantee for accuracy and will not over claim
  • If no increase in funding then no cost
  • No up-front charges
  • Staff training included (group and 1:1)
  • Access to ACFI online education
  • 12-months ongoing support

Healthcare Australia is ACSA’s (Aged & Community Services Australia) national partner for allied health and ACFI related services.

The main benefit of this service?

The worst-case-scenario is that we don’t find an increase in funding and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Alternatively, we might find over $100K in funding for care you’re already providing.

If it takes longer than 3-weeks to submit 15 ACFI appraisals at your site, then you may be interested in ACFI Submission Services

Healthcare Australia will physically assess every resident’s clinical situation across all domains of the ACFI. We then compare this to their current ACFI rate to determine the amount you should be receiving based on the care you’re providing and the increase available.

A prioritised action plan will then be developed which takes into consideration which residents can be reappraised, the increase in funding available, the weighting of the ACFI domains, and the relevant business rules.

To increase your team’s ACFI knowledge, you’re more than welcome to allocate staff to work with us 100% of the time we’re there.