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Please click here for business & organisation courses
Please click here for business & organisation courses

ACFI Training and Education

Ensuring your team has all of the ACFI knowledge & skills required to receive the funding you’re eligible for and keep it at validation. Training includes:

  • Individual ACFI Education Sessions
  • ACFI Group Workshops
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • ACFI Online Learning Training Package

HCA is ACSA’s (Aged & Community Services Australia) national partner for allied health and ACFI related services, and is also endorsed by the RCNA to allocate CNE points for these sessions.

The main benefit of this service?

Whether it’s an increase or a decrease, if training helps make the difference between an ACFI ADLs Low and a Medium then this is a difference in funding of over $15,000 per annum… for just one resident.

Individual ACFI Education Sessions include:

  • Documentation & Charting – ENs & Carers
  • Mastering the Business Rules & Planning
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Education
  • Behaviours & Cognition Education
  • Complex Health Care (CHC) Education
  • Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales (PAS)
  • The Cornell Scale for Depression (CSD)
  • ACFI Appraisal Pack Education
  • Reducing Risk of Validation Downgrades
  • Improving ACFI Efficiency

ACFI Group Workshops include:

  • ACFI Fundamentals for Clinical RNs & ENs
  • Masterclass for ACFI Clinicians
  • Developing Carer & EN ACFI Champions

ACFI Online Training Package:

  • ACFI training regardless of location
  • E-learning modules for all staff levels
  • Largest selection of material in Australia

Contact us to find out more about W&L ACFI One-on-One Mentoring