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ACFI Activities of Daily Living


Do you have clients at your facility who aren’t classified as Medium or High in Activities of Daily Living, or have ever been downgraded in Activities of Daily Living? Or, are you concerned that you might not be getting the funding for services you’re already providing to your clients? Be confident in maximising the funding you should be receiving for services you may already be providing.

We’ve realised that not all staff at facilities need (or want) the same level of training regarding the ACFI as the needs of care staff and clinical staff responsible for submitting the appraisals can be unique.

This module is set-out in a progressive format, where ACFI Business Rules and strategies build upon previous information and are left to the end. It is crucial for all levels of staff to have a fundamental understanding of the role of their colleagues.  RNs and CNs providing mentoring and guidance to the care staff may also benefit job satisfaction and compliance.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Get all levels of staff on board to help maximize ACFI funding
  • Improve your staff's understanding of documentation requirements to maintain funding at validation
  • Ensure that your staff know how to correctly provide the interventions to improve compliance and clinical outcomes
  • Gain a better understanding of the ACFI business rules - learn a proactive approach to maximize funding whilst minimizing documentation

 Course Code: ACFAD