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ACFI Recording and Documentation for Carers and Enrolled Nurses


Without specific training regarding the correct terminology/definitions, a facility is risking accurate documentation. In your experience:

- Have charts not been completed by staff for fear of not doing it correctly?

- Have interventions like heat packs/massage been provided but not consistently recorded?

- Have ACFI claims been delayed due to difficulty in getting information from the floor?

- Has the wrong level of assistance been identified during the assessment of residents’ needs?

Documentation should reflect residents’ care needs and staff at risk, to ensure funding for care being provided.

You should go through this training if you’re a personal care worker or an enrolled nurse. As a registered nurse, the benefit of going through this training is that it will help to identify how to set your staff up for success and know what to expect from them.


Learning Objectives:

- Introduction to the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI)

- How to accurately complete charts to document continence, behaviour, pain, treatment records, and medication

- Accurate interpretation of levels of assistance in care plans (independent, supervision, physical assist)

- Correct documentation of interventions performed (i.e., heat, massage).

Course Code: ACFRD