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Friendship, Intimacy & Sexual Expression


Friendship is usually seen as the relationship between two or more people; it is a meaningful connection that usually involves a desire to spend time together, reciprocity, trust, and intimacy and the establishment of friendships between people in residential aged care has been found to assist during the transition period and positively support well-being. There are many myths and stereotypes regarding older people and sexuality, with a general view that sexual need declines with age despite research indicating this is not an inevitable result of ageing. Staff responses to the behaviour of residents can have a profound effect, and it is important staff understand and support resident’s rights. This course was developed for Employees in Residential Aged Care Facilities and Home Care (Community context). 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the concepts of intimacy, sexuality, sexual behaviours and expressions of various types of sexuality
  • Revise the rights of the consumer and the responsibilities of organisations within Aged Care
  • Examine the role of the carer/allied health professional
  • Be aware of the duty of care within the RACF
  • Discuss consensual relationships and inappropriate sexual behaviour within the dementia-specific population

Course Code: CONFI