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Food Handling Fundamentals


Those who handle food in any Aged Care or Community setting have legal obligations and are required to have skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene matters appropriate to their work activities. Imagine the impact of an illness spread through your organisation from poor food handling. This course forms a component of mandatory training for residential aged care facilities. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To assist you in understanding your legal obligations as a food handler.
  • Help you meet your requirements of personal hygiene in relation to your organisational policies.
  • To apply good food handling practices to avoid cross contamination.
  • To explore the need for effective cleaning and sanitising to reduce the risk of food poisoning to vulnerable persons.
  • To understand how controlling time & temperature will mitigate risks of potentially hazardous foods.
  • To use the Hierarchy of Controls to reduce food safety hazards.

    Course Code: MANFH

    Standards Incorporated in this Course: 4