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How to Complete an ACFI Appraisal Pack


If you:

  • have never received specific training on how to put the pack together
  • feel like you are not quite meeting evidence requirements by putting too much or too little into the packs
  • have been downgraded during an ACFI validation...for any reason
  • struggled to find information that you thought was in the pack when you needed it

…this is the course for you.

Most ACFI downgrade issues have been as a result of the ACFI Appraisal Pack not being put together in a systematic fashion with just the right amount of information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Meet the minimum ACFI Appraisal Pack requirements
  • Setting up charts to reduce documentation requirements
  • Minimising the amounts of assessments and directives
  • Strategies to ensure the correct information is captured from the floor
  • Setting-up supporting documentation packs to assist at validation
  • Ensuring congruency between ACFI domains

 This training assumes that you have a good understanding of the ACFI domains, questions, definitions, business rules, and most importantly–the PAS and Cornell. To get the most out of this course we recommend that you complete Course ACFPA and ACFCS prior to undertaking this course. This session is the culmination of all the fundamental concepts and principles of the ACFI. If you know these, this session will allow you to put all learnings into practice, getting the most for your facility and residents.

Course Code: ACFAP