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PEG Tubes, Non-Accredited (Adelaide)

The aim of this training program is to ensure care and support workers can safely provide support for clients who have a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube. This course includes delivery of nutrition, hydration and medication.


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About this experience

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • What a PEG tube is

  • Reasons why a PEG tube may be inserted

  • Methods of administering nutrition and hydration via PEG tube

  • Safe administration of medication via PEG tube*

  • The wider care team

  • Care of the stoma site

  • Psychosocial impacts and considerations for holistic care for a client with a PEG tube

  • The importance of oral hygiene

  • Risk management, troubleshooting and problem-solving

*Medication Competency
As this course includes administration of medication, all participants must have general medication competency to be assessed on administration of medication via PEG.

Course Structure & Competency
The course is delivered across 6 hours in the classroom and includes theory, practical activities and a theory knowledge test. To receive a Certificate of Attendance, all attendees must attend the entire classroom session, complete all practical components to a satisfactory level and achieve a 90% pass rate in the theory knowledge test.

Practical activities include practice and demonstration of competency in:

  • administration of nourishment via syringe (push & gravity)

  • administration of nourishment via pump

  • water flushes

  • administration of medication via PEG tube*

A Certificate of Attendance is issued listing all topics and components of the training stating simulation only. It is recommended that employers follow this training with workplace-based assessments to determine competency.