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Pressure Injury Prevention & Care for Lower Limb

All Aged Care Homes need to meet the New Aged Care Quality Standards to receive government funding. As well as these standards, quality indicators have been developed to help services to understand and improve the care and services they provide.   

This course of learning is designed for both Nursing staff and care workers, to promote an evidence-based approach in the assessment, management and prevention of pressure injury wounds for older people who live in a residential aged care setting.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understanding of the Podiatrist’s role and their scope of practice
  • Identification of high-risk conditions associated with the foot
  • Classification of Pressure Injuries and their stages of progression
  • Describe recommendations and treatment options for lower extremity Pressure Injuries
  • Knowledge of offloading devices and dressings are available and their suitability
  • Awareness and competence to refer a client/resident to the Podiatrist

 Course Code: CLIPI 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1,2 &4