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Privacy, Confidentiality & Dignity


This course of learning is for all persons in the workforce as privacy, confidentiality and dignity is a subject that affects us all. As workers we expect it in the protection of our details held by the organisation, so it is only fair to expect that our consumers expect the same.

Should anyone have any queries at the end of this course please ensure you start the discussion with your peers / direct manager. It is expected that a 100% compliance score is achieved by all staff at the end of this course.

Learning Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of the current legislation and compliance requirements from the new Accreditation standards 2019.
  • To define privacy, confidentiality & dignity and how this relates to collection, use & disclosure of personal information.
  • To describe the rights of residents to privacy, confidentiality & dignity.
  • To raise points that should be in the organisational policy.
  • To discuss the context of dignity and risk.
  • Recognise behaviour or work practices that do not respect the resident’s rights to privacy, confidentiality & dignity.
  • Recognise non compliance to privacy & dignity policies and procedures within the workplace.

Course Code: MANPC 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1,3 & 8