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Workplace Safety for All Workers


We all want to go home from our job safely and without incident. Designed to assist all new and long-term staff in understanding the systems in place within the organisation to ensure their health and safety whilst working. This course also offers opportunities for staff to participate in matters of health safety and ensure their own wellbeing whilst at work and when performing their duties within their role. 

Learning Objectives:   

  • Awareness of the Health and Safety Laws in Australia
  • Acknowledge the role of your employer in ensuring a safe workplace
  • Understand the term “so far as is practicable”
  • Understanding of what your role is within the workplace as it relates to health and safety
  • Communicate and participate in formal and informal forums of consultation
  • Be more aware of the reporting structures within any workplace and the need for formalising this process to gain positive outcomes
  • Understand the concept of risk management and prioritise aspects of safety and health above complacency

Course Code: MANWA

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 5,7 & 8