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Understanding Medication Management for General Care Workers in Aged Care

This course has been designed to provide an overview of Safe Medication Management for general care workers who are not responsible for administering medication.

All workers, even if not directly responsible for administrations need to understand the basics of Medication Management. Do you , or the General Care Workers understand what their responsibility is if a resident fails to take their medication or appears to have a change in their condition that requires the care staff to consult to their senior nursing staff for action?

Learning Objectives:        

  • Understand the principles of safe medication administration for the Aged Person
  • Understand the rights of the resident’s and their Medication Management
  • Understand your responsibilities in the aged care setting as relates to Medication Management
  • To know the methods of Medication Administration
  • To know when to alert the senior Nursing staff if a resident’s condition appears to have changed
  • Reporting Medication errors

    Course Code: CLIMG

    Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3,4,7 & 8