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"The HCA Consultancy team has not only helped increase our funding significantly, they also provided training to our staff to improve their ACFI knowledge, provided ongoing support visits, and even helped implement the interventions to realise the funding. We have been really happy with the results achieved and the high level of service."

Jill Taylor
CEO  -  Star of the Sea Home for the Aged


"I found the ACFI training that I completed with HCA to be extremely thorough, intensive and comprehensive. I feel that this training has provided me further with the confidence, tools, skills and knowledge to continue to successfully complete all tasks related to managing ACFI across our organisation. At the same time this will assist me to get the best results for my residents and staff while ensuring we get the correct ACFI funding for our organisation. I highly recommend this training for anyone involved in managing ACFI."

Di Hanson
ACFI Manager  -  Lifecare


"HCA’s approach to the organisation is exceptional, from first contact regarding the range of services on offer, to booking and reviews or provision of services. The focus of HCA is to develop an enduring partnership as shown in their fees which reflect exceptional value for services provided."

Walter de Ruyter
Service Manager  -  Mirinjani Nursing Home


"Staff are reliable, knowledgeable and helpful. ACFI audits have certainly helped with downgrades."

Sue Toner
Director of Care  -  St Louis Nursing Home


"We are extremely satisfied with the outcome. In hindsight should have initiated this a lot earlier. All the DON’s have given a very positive feedback about your consultants as well."

Mak Bhide
CFO  -  Thompson Health Care


"Hooray Hooray  ACFI result – we are 100% PERFECT Thanks to HCA staff…"

Helen Cooper
DON  -  Kankinya Aged Care Facility


"Our facility have used HCA ACFI RN service to help our facility with ACFI packs. This service has enabled us to resubmit ACFI packs so that we are receiving increased funding, which has been particularly important during our time of bed vacancies. Not only this, but our recent validation had no change in resident classification across 25% of our residents and the Validators commented on how well presented our packages were! Thank you HCA for your excellent service."

Nola Heffernan  -  Leahurst Home for the Aged


"We have been very happy with the HCA ACFI Consultancy service, which we have found to be very accurate and produces great result. They have provided ongoing education and support to assist our staff with both their knowledge and skills related to using the ACFI. We now use them on an annual basis!"

Matthew Cragg
CEO  -  Warrina Homes


"On behalf of everyone at the Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital, I would like to thank the ACFI Consultancy Team from Healthcare Australia for coming to assist us will the ACFI’s and for the education session that was provided.

Your visit gave us such valuable support, not only to the senior clinical team, but also to the floor staff that were present during your time here. We have learnt so much, and just knowing that we can call on you with any queries or concerns we have in regards to the ACFI provides us with a sense of security that there is someone out there who can help us when we need it. We have recently had validation and had a 100% pass rate. Everyone is absolutely thrilled with this result and we couldn’t have done without you."

Glenda Briscoe  -  Hamley Bridge Memorial Hospital, Inc.