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Behaviour Management

Have you ever heard the words “that’s not like them” used in your workplace when related to residents in Aged Care? Designed for all personnel working in residential aged care to assist staff in the understanding of client needs and expectations, as well as their vulnerability. Explore some of the probable triggers that may escalate variables in their behaviour.

Competency in understanding the subject is monitored throughout the course.

Learning Objectives:  

Understand workplace expectations, in relation to Australian Legislation

  • Understand variables in resident behaviours
  • Identify potentially aggressive residents in aged care
  • Understand the probable triggers that may escalate such behaviours
  • Identify acute changes in residents’ behavioural status
  • Apply practical strategies to identify and reduce risk of aggressive episodes
  • De-escalate a potential violent event

Course Code: MANBM

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1, 3, 7 & 8