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Meeting Infection Control Requirements

This course of learning has been designed to provide topic learning for staff whose scope of practice is within Aged Care, Community Care and Respite Centres.

Fundamentals of infection control, and the basic required learning by all staff in relation to this subject, within their role at work, are covered in this course.

This competency assessment will be undertaken by yourself without the aid of others or cheat sheets in accordance with APRHA Professional code of conduct for Nurses.  It is expected that you will achieve 100% in this course to perform your role within your organisation. Multiple attempts can be made.

 Learning Objectives:        

  • Awareness of the issue of healthcare associated infections in Australia
  • Identification of the chain of infection
  • Knowledge and understanding of the different modes of transmission of infection in healthcare
  • Familiarity with standard and transmission based precautions and their role in the prevention of transmission of infection
  • Recognition of potential risk for transmission of infection in the delivery of Healthcare
  • Have a basic understanding of a risk management approach to infection prevention and control

Course Code: MANMI

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3&5