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First Weeks in Aged Care: The Resident’s Experience


This module has been developed to help personal care workers understand some of the
feelings and emotions that might be present for an older person and their families in
their first days and weeks after entering aged care. It considers conversations that
are important, being sensitive, and introducing the person to the faciality in their
own time. It looks at particular needs of diverse groups, and outlines the important
processes of developing a care and services plan with the person’s input.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Identify some common emotions experienced by the new resident and their family on first entering aged care
  • Explain some helpful procedures to ensure the older person feels welcomed
  • Describe beginning conversations with new residents to put them at ease
  • Outline how the person can be helped to transition in the first few days and weeks
  • Explain ways to be inclusive to a new resident who comes from a diverse background
  • Outline the reasons for developing a care plan when the person enters the service.

Course Code: CONCE

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1, 2 & 6

CPD Value: 0.32