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Customer Experience

This course of learning is for all staff working in aged care. The course of learning is designed to allow quick topic refreshers and ensure competency review in the subject of improving a customer’s experience.

100% is expected to proceed. If struggling to achieve this advice should be sought from your Education Coordinator or Manager.

 Learning Objectives:     

  • Acknowledgement and understanding of the context of best practice customer experience
  • Identify stakeholders (consumers, families, relationships) for whom to adopt a consumer-centered approach
  • Learn and know how to apply basic customer service principles to your role
  • Development of empathy for customers to understand the impact of service on total well-being.
  • Acknowledge and understand the overall benefits of providing a great customer experience
  • Recognition of differences between good & bad customer experiences
  • Learn best proactive practice when dealing with complaints
  • Optimise customer experience process for improvement within your organisation

 Course Code: CONCE

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1, 2 & 6