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Dementia 4: Dignity of Risk


This series of learning courses about Living with Dementia examines Dementia from a person-centred perspective and is designed for all persons working in or providing services/care to persons living with Dementia and their families. This course gives the workforce the tools to support communication and give examples of how to support an individual to participate and feel inclusive within the community activities. The dignity of care throughout this series is reiterated within each course per Accreditation and Quality Standards within these fields. This course is the fourth in this series and focuses on providing communication strategies that will assist care workers to reconnect with people. 

Learning Objectives:          

  • Raise awareness of the workforce in creating a supportive environment for people living with Dementia
  • Inform the workforce about aspects of design that have proven to be effective in assisting people with Dementia
  • Provide a further understanding of the built environment and philosophy of care/operation philosophy needed to provide a positive experience and complement a person’s journey through the stages of living with Dementia
  • Understand the limits of what can be achieved in an existing setting, and to make informed decisions on how to modify the environment
  • Create an awareness of how a good environment can reduce confusion, agitation and encourage social interaction
  • Demonstrate how a poor environment only serves to increase confusion, agitation and a sense of being lost
  • Prevent helplessness when working with persons living with Dementia by providing ways of improving their surroundings and knowledge

Course Code: DEM4CR

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1 & 4

CPD Value: 0.33