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Dementia 6: Dementia Friendly Language


This course is the last of the series in Living with Dementia and is designed to offer various points of advice in talking with those diagnosed with Dementia. This Dementia-friendly language is taken from multiple sources of information written by those living with Dementia. This is not a competency course and is intended as informative learning to those working in the Aged Care sector.  

Learning Objectives:         

  • To learn the correct terms and language to use when addressing persons living with Dementia without being derogatory, stigmatising or discriminatory
  • To learn the terms and ways of conversation and words that persons diagnosed with Dementia themselves have asked to be used when addressing them
  • To engage in conversations with persons living with Dementia in a manner that will empower them to engage well with others and feel included
  • To assist through language persons living with Dementia on how to embrace their life and empower them to live well.

Course Code: DEM6FL

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1

CPD Value: 0.50