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Fire and Emergency in the Home Environment (DS)


Working in participant’s homes presents the support worker with various risks related to fire and personal safety.

Participant’s homes will vary greatly in their design, layout and location. So, it is important that support workers moving from home to home have a sound understanding of general principles of home safety to manage risk and prevent harm to themselves and participants.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key home safety principles in disability support
  • List the types of emergencies that can take place in home and community-based workplaces
  • Explain the main principles of safety in responding to emergencies
  • Respond to a fire emergency in a participant’s home
  • Respond to a medical emergency in a support worker role
  • Understand how to respond to internal and external emergencies

CPD Value: 0.92

This course offers a fundamental introduction to the theory. It is advised that the learner complement this with a practical demonstration.

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