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Infection Control: General Laundry Requirements (Residential Aged Care)


Appropriate handling of garments and linen is central to any infection control program. This course applies specific aspects of infection control to the laundry environment. It is designed to provide a competency assessment for persons working in the onsite Laundry in Residential Aged Care.It provides a refresher in Infection control and how working with resident linen and personnel clothing may affect those in the workplace if not handled correctly. Specific education in managing the Laundry Service to ensure the prevention of incidents of ill health and ensure microbial stewardship within the organisation is included.

This competency assessment will be undertaken by yourself without the aid of others or cheat sheets following the Professional Organisational Code of Conduct for Staff. It is expected that you will achieve 100% in this course to perform your role within your organisation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand employer and employee responsibilities under the law
  • Understand the definition of infection and why we need to apply protocols in the laundry
  • Know how infections are spread and who needs protection
  • Understand the standard precautions and personal protective equipment (PPE) and their role in infection control
  • Be aware of and able to apply specific aspects of infection control in the laundry environment

Course Code: MANIC

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3&8

CPD Value: 0.18