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LGBTI and Sexuality in Aged Care


Inclusively for LGBTI groups is important for all aged care services, and not just those that are aware that they have clients or residents who identify as gender or sexually diverse.  Diverse LGBTI groups are included in the Aged Care Quality Standards, and services must ensure that they are respectful, responsive and inclusive.
This module is intended to help support inclusively training for all levels of staff so that they can meet the requirements of the Standards, but more importantly, create an environment that is safe for all people who might be LGBT or I, whether they have divulged their status or not. The course uses practical examples, drawn on best practice research from leading LGBTI advocates and respected sources. It shows staff how to ensure that the basic human rights of all residents are respected and supported.

Learning Objectives:     

  • Define the individual groups included in LGBTI
  • Explain the historical background that can cause many LGBTI people to experience fear and anxiety when entering aged care 
  • Use inclusive, respectful language and support that follows the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards 
  • Understand how to talk to a person about LGBTI status, while respecting the persons rights 
  • Identify some of the common scenarios and responses that can take place in aged care relating to LGBTI
  • Explain how to be responsive to LGBTI individuals with unique and complex problems

     Course Code: CONLG

    Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1,4 & 8

    CPD Value: 0.42