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LGBTQI in Aged Care


This course enables learners to gain knowledge about the concepts of LGBTI in Aged Care, and provide dignity and quality care to individuals identifying within the LGBTI community. The course will promote core principles necessary for learners to become holistic, sensitive and appropriately adaptable when meeting the health needs of individuals identifying as LGBTQI. The course will enable learners to understand how to deliver inclusive health care to all in line with the New Aged Care Standards 

Learning Objectives:     

  • Understand the definition of LGBTQI and the LGBTQI community
  • Understand how the Aged Care Standards support individuals identifying as LGBTQI
  • Reflect on own values and attitudes when working with LGBTQI consumers
  • Understand health impacts and consideration of Australia’s LGBTQI communities
  • Understand the concepts of LGBTQI
  • Have an improved understanding of LGBTQI and how to approach the differences delivering quality care

 Course Code: CONLG

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1,4 & 8