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Manual Handling for all Workers

This course of learning provides information for duty holders about meeting their obligations under Part 3.1 of the OHS Regulations as well as providing information about how to:
  • Identify hazards and control risks associated with hazardous manual handling.
  • Provides information for duty holders about compliance with the OHS Act, where relevant (for example, an employer's duty to consult with employees)


Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the law(s) which relate to you and Work Health Safety
  • Understand the meaning of hazardous manual tasks
  • Identify your health and safety duties in relation to these tasks
  • Understand musculoskeletal disorder injury occurrence and prevention
  • Identify hazardous manual tasks and their characteristics
  • Ability to assess and control risks
  • Identify specific risks and measures in place to control them
  • Know how to report a problem or maintenance issues
  • Demonstrate safe manual handling techniques and perform tasks safely

Course Code: MANMH 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 5,7 & 8