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Medication Management for Registered Nurses and Endorsed Care Workers in Aged Care

This course is intended to provide a competency assessment for Nursing  staff whose scope of practice is to administer and assist in Medication management.

It will provide you with some of the fundamentals in Medication management in accordance with the Aged Care Standards, Medication Administration and typical Medication calculations.

It is expected that all nursing staff have a baseline knowledge of Medication management and continue to update their knowledge and maintain competency in skills needed to perform their role.

This competency assessment will be undertaken by yourself without the aid of others or cheat sheets in accordance with APRHA Professional code of conduct for Nurses.  It is expected that you will achieve 100% in this course to perform your role within your organisation. Multiple attempts can be made.

Learning Objectives:
  • Current responsibilities regarding safe medication administration
  • Storage of medicines
  • Disposal of medicines
  • Self-administration of medicines
  • The Ten Rights of medication administration
  • Calculating drug dosages and intravenous flow rates
  • Administration of medicines by Residential Aged Care Facility (RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE FACILITY) staff

Course Code: CLIMN

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3,4,7 & 8