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Oral Health: Protecting Oral Health

Dentistry is an integral part of good health, particularly in aged care. This course describes what to look for, when to refer and how to address oral hygiene for natural teeth and dentures. In addition, it demonstrates how to fit and remove partial and full dentures, and explains standard protective oral health care, prevention of gum disease, dry mouth and tooth decay.

This training is designed for care staff to provide them with the knowledge on how to care for teeth and dentures, as well as maintaining an effective standard of oral care.


Learning Objectives 

Understanding of:

  • Provision of standard, protective oral care
  • Provision of care for natural teeth
  • Provision of care for dentures
  • Provision of oral care to prevent gum disease
  • Provision of oral care for relief of dry mouth
  • Provision of oral care to reduce tooth decay


Course Code: CLIPO

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3