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Pain Management

This course explains how Residential Aged Care Facilities are required to:
  • Demonstrate Pain Management approaches which ensure all residents are as free as possible from pain
  • Receive resident (or their representative) validation of satisfaction with pain management strategy

The target audience for this course is all Residential Aged Care Facility staff involved in the management of pain.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identification of different types of pain and their causes
  • Recognition and assessment of pain with your scope of practice
  • Evaluation of resident’s pain and respond within policy and scope of practice
  • Demonstration of safe pain management using nonpharmacological interventions such as hot packs
  • Revise the documentation requirements of your organisation for pain management
  • Identification & assessment of pain using verbal & non-verbal means.

 Course Code: CLIPM 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1, 2 &3

CPD Value: 0.27