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Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries


This learning module has been written to support aged care workers to understand the importance of prevention of pressure and other injuries in older people living in residential aged care. The course outlines risk factors, early signs, and types of pressure sores. It provides practical and best practice guidance, in line with the requirements of the ACQS, in positioning and  preventative strategies, as well as reporting and managing pressure sores before they worsen. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the risk factors for pressure sores in an older person
  • Outline the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards in relation to pressure injuries
  • Describe the grades of pressure sores, and the potential consequences for the older person
  • Explain best practice in positioning and transferring residents to reduce the risk of injury
  • List a range of aids and equipment that can help prevent pressure injuries, their uses and contraindications
  • Recognise the importance of pain management as a part of treating pressure injuries.
Course Code: CLIPS

      Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3