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Professional Boundaries for Support Workers

This module has been designed for support workers in Home and Community and disability services.
It provides clear, practical information about the need for professional boundaries in a work role where vulnerable groups are supported, and where the work role is often not directly supervised.
Realistic scenarios in which breaching professional boundaries can have negative consequences for the client, the worker and the employer are explored.
The learner is provided with activities that help them to navigate ethical and professional responsibilities in relation to personal boundaries; conflicts of interest; client confidentiality and other rights; working outside of the job description.
The learner is provided with alternative responses, including a discussion on how to say no assertively to a request that is outside of their scope of practice.
In this course you will learn:
  • Define examples of professional boundaries in the support worker role
  • Explain the reasons why professional boundaries are in place, and who they benefit
  • Describe common examples of professional and personal boundaries
  • Outline appropriate actions when faced with a conflict of interest
  • Understand the role of the support worker in providing client choice without judgement or control
  • Recognise the reason for common WHS/OHS policies in HAC and disability workplaces

Course Code: ESSPB

CPD Value: 0.58