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Responding to Emergencies in Home and Community Settings


It is likely that your main workplace consists of private homes of clients.  While this can come with a unique set of rewards that are not always present in other more conventional workplaces, it can also pose additional challenges for you as a support worker.

A challenge for you and your employers is to ensure your safety in a space that is not easily controlled by policies and workplace health and safety requirements.

Your safety in your workplace is paramount.

Through this module, you will learn about keeping yourself and others safe in case of emergencies.

Learning Objectives:        

  • The types of emergencies that can take place in Home and Community settings
  • The main principles of safely responding to emergencies
  • Responding to a fire emergency in a client's home
  • Responding to aggression and threats to safety
  • Responding to a medical emergency in a support worker role

    Course Code: COMRE

    Standards Incorporated in this Course: 5, 7 &8