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Responding to Fire & Emergencies in Community Care


Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency? What action would you take first in the event of a fire?

This course of learning is designed to give instructional guidance in fulfilling the required role of a worker working in Community/Home Care, in the event of an emergency. Many home emergencies may be outside the scope of practice of what you may be used to as an onsite worker. There is an expectation that a worker would be able to assist/advise the consumer of care/services they are attending without taking unnecessary risks to themselves.

Learning Objectives:        

  • Understand the concept of fire & the transfer of heat
  • Know what you should do upon hearing an alarm
  • Know your role in an evacuation - helping care recipients
  • Safely & effectively use fire & emergency equipment
  • Know what to do when calling for an emergency

Course Code: COMRF

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 5, 7 &8