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Safe and Effective use of Heat Packs

A lack of understanding of the supporting documentation around heat pack use can lead to a loss of funding.

Do you and your team:

  • Know why superficial heat treatment is used?
  • Understand what presentations are clinically indicated for superficial heat treatment?
  • Understand what presentations are contraindicated for superficial heat treatment?
  • Understand what presentations may be considered precautions for superficial heat treatment?
  • Know how resident suitability – sensation is assessed & recorded?

 Learning Objectives:

  • Help ensure that residents get the care they need, it’s documented correctly, and that this funding is maintained at validation
  • Help you reduce risk by ensuring appropriate identification of who exactly is suitable for receiving heat treatment and should be determining this
  • Reduce risk by standardising heat preparation and application
  • Help ensure that the residents get the most benefit from the heat treatment
  • reduce risk and improve outcomes in your organisation

Course Code: ACFHP