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The Aged Care Quality Standards Most Common Areas of Non-Compliance for Nurses and Managers


This course has been designed to provide specific support to nurses and managers in aged care settings, in response to consistent non-compliance found by the ACQSC across Standard 3: Personal Care and Clinical Care.

The areas found most commonly lacking in 200 Australia-wide audits,  which assessed  services based on questioning of staff and consumers, as well as documentation and other evidence, are presented with best practice and legislation updates to help senior staff to ensure compliance is maintained and understood. 

 Learning Objectives:

By completing this course you will be better able to:

  • Identify the key areas in Standard 3 where ACQSC has identified common breaches
  • Outline commonly misunderstood practices and models of care
  • Consider where these breaches might be occurring within own service
  • Identify ways in which own practice and service could improve in these areas.

CPD Value: 0.67

This course offers a fundamental introduction to the theory. It is advised that the learner complement this with a practical demonstration.

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