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Wellness, Reablement & Healthy & Active Ageing

How could you add more incidental activity into a resident’s day? And how could this be done within staffing levels? How do staffing levels, staff workloads, injury risks, equipment and consumable costs and needs; unhappy families and residents and an unhappy work site culture impact on overall wellness?

This course assists staff to identify residents at risk of decline and ways to halt, reverse and or avoid the process. In addition, all staff will become familiar with the role they can play in improving the lives of their residents through simple, non-time-consuming techniques which uphold a resident’s human rights.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand healthy active ageing definition and in practice
  • Identification of common problems with current practice
  • Understand how to initiate change with person-centered care
  • Implementation techniques for both formal and informal approaches to maintaining function

Course Code: CONWR 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 1 & 4