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Workplace Bullying & Harassment


bullying and harassment in the workplace is not acceptable and this course provides understanding and context for all workers. You will learn about the type of behaviours to avoid and strategies around what you, as an individual, can do if you are the victim of or witness bullying or harassment in your place of work.

Based on current Australian Legislation and applicable to all workplaces, including those working in a home-like environment, such as Home Care or Community Care, as well as facilities dedicated to Aged Care Services.

This competency assessment will be undertaken by yourself without the aid of others or cheat sheets in accordance with the APRHA Professional Code of Conduct for Nurses.  It is expected that you will achieve 100% in this course to perform your role within your organisation. 

Learning Objectives:    

  • Identify legal issues relating to workplace bullying, harassment & discrimination
  • Acknowledge and understand what bullying and harassment is and its effect on the workplace and personal lives of employees
  • Recognise the various types of behaviours that constitute bullying and harassment.
  • Identify what is needed to prevent workplace bullying, harassment & discrimination & the preventative measures for your workplace
  • Identify incidents of bullying and harassment and know what reporting mechanisms are open to you
  • Know where to seek assistance if you believe your co-worker(s) are being bullied or harassed

Course Code: MANBH 

Standards Incorporated in this Course: 3,7 & 8

CPD Value: 0.22