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Workplace Safety


This module has been developed for staff, contractors and volunteers who work in various roles in an aged care or home and community environment. This can include personal support workers, catering and kitchen workers, reception and administration workers, cleaning, laundry and environmental services workers.

This module outlines the principles of workplace safety in relation to legislation, policy and the Aged Care Quality Standards.

It focuses on identifying, managing and reporting hazards using a teamwork approach, and using approved and standardised tools such as incident reports, risk assessments and the Hierarchy of Control.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the main sources of legislation for workplace health and safety in aged and community environments
  • Outline the principles of workplace health and safety legislation
  • Explain the responsibilities of employers, workers and HSR’s in relation to safety
  • Outline methods used to identify and prioritise hazards and risks
  • Explain procedures for reporting hazards
  • Define how to use the hierarchy of control to determine risk controls
  • Outline principles of ongoing risk monitoring
Course Code: MANWS

CPD Value: 0.62