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How Hospitality And Office Workers Can Prepare As COVID-19 Rules Relax

How Hospitality And Office Workers Can Prepare As COVID-19 Rules Relax

Did you know? 38.2% of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Australia have been due to community transmission. 

Several states have already started to relax physical distancing laws for businesses with more public places opening daily. However, businesses could potentially fuel the spread and even face a whopping fine of up to $9,913 if they don’t stick to the guidelines. 

Many cafes, pubs, shops, and offices can’t afford to keep their doors shut, and with a second wave of Corona Virus expected, businesses need to equip their staff with the right tools and knowledge to reduce the spread and stay clear of any fines.

As we move towards lifted restrictions and maintaining social distancing, we need to ensure that the environments where people are in close contact with each other are safe for workers and visitors alike.

If ensuring a safe post-Corona environment is a priority for the continuance of your operation, then consider the team's awareness about the symptoms, transmission, and practicalities of COVID-19:

Do they know:

  • why we are continuing to social distance?
  • what are the state and federal laws we need to be complying with currently?
  • basic safe handwashing and cleaning practices?
  • where to go to for help and support?
  • how to apply the overload of COVID-19 information to your business?

Trusting your team to do the right thing isn't enough. Telling your team to do the right thing isn't enough either. Equipping your staff with knowledge empowers them to make better pandemic related choices, with better outcome potential for your organisation.

Two courses have been designed specifically for office and hospitality workers, and at $20 per employee, it might just be the wisest front-line investment you ever make for your platoon of waiters, bar staff, office workers and salespeople to reduce the chances of spreading or a fine:  



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