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Hearing Loss in Older People


This module has been developed for support workers in residential and community settings, to provide information and ideas for reducing the impact of hearing loss in older people. 
It outlines the causes and current research relevant to aged care, provides help to identify and report the early stages of hearing loss, and strategies to help create a more inclusive, stimulating, and safe environment for older people who have hearing impairments. 
The module is aligned to the Aged Care Quality Standards 1, 3, and 5, and explains the requirements of these in relation to sensory loss. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the most common causes of hearing loss in older people.
  • Indicate the early signs of hearing loss.
  • Demonstrate the functions and use of hearing aids.
  • Explain hearing strategies to help promote inclusion and understanding.
  • Describe alternative hearing devices that can help a variety of older people, including those with dementia.

     Course Code: CLIHL

    Standards Incorporated in this Course:  5 & 3

    CPD Value: 0.28